PUR Hot Melt Adhesive (Dot Coating) NEL-9616
PUR Hot Melt Adhesive (Dot Coating) NEL-9616
Product Use

NEL-9616 is PU reactive hot melt adhesive with strong bonding strength. It is suitable for the dot shapes lamination between textile fabrics. 

Physical and Chemical Property

Quick drying after dot coating, can be remelted when heat pressing within period of time

Environment-friendly, nonhazardous, without contain any volatile solvent

Excellent bonding performance

Low odour

Good waterproof performance

Good anti-aging performance


1. After tearing open the aluminum foil bag and notice whether the desiccant completely turns pink. If yes, it indicates that the product may change in quality.

2. When put the glue hose into equipment, the heating temperature around 130- 150and the nozzle temperature around 130 - 150.

3. If the glue melting temperature is too low and the glue will have higher viscosity. Thus the glue dots will be easy to stick together and unshapen; If the glue melting temperature is too high, the glue dots are flat or permeation.

4. After glue dot coating, can do heat pressing within 3 hours (placed below 25), heat pressing temperature at 80and laminate with other fabrics. 

Cleaning Maintenance
Security Measures

NEL-9616 is in compliance with the general chemical protection measures. Keep good ventilation in working environment, wear appropriate skin protection device and goggles in the process of using. If skin contacts with this product, wash the skin with water and soap. If eyes contact, irrigate copiously with plenty of clean and fresh water. In case of severe case, immediately seek for medical advice.

Storage Transport

Valid for 6 months to store in sealed container. Storage temperature 5 to 35. After opening the drum for using, please seal storage.


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