Bra fabric to fabric HM Adhesive NEL-1018
Product Use

NEL-1018 is PU reactive hot melt adhesive with strong bonding strength. It is suitable for laminating textile fabric to foam, textile fabrics, textile fabric to fiber foam.

Physical and Chemical Property

Performance Features

Environment-friendly, nonhazardous, without any volatile solvents

Excellent bonding performance

Low odor

Excellent water resistance

Good performance even in extreme environment

Excellent anti-aging performance

Excellent thermal stability


Technical Indexes

Chemical Component:  Polyurethane

Solid Content :        100%

Viscosity:            10000±2000cps/100

Adhesive Quantity:    About 25g/m² (Depending on different materials)

Opening Time:        10-30s (Depending on different working environment temperature)


1. The effective working time after adhesive coated will vary with adhesive temperature, operating ambient temperature, heat conduction performance of the adhesive material and material temperature. When the adhesive material with high humidity, or low operating ambient temperature, the effective working time after adhesive coated will be reduced; On the contrary, will be increased accordingly.

2. Observe whether the surface layer is curing after opening the product, if yes, remove the surface after heating.

3. Common adhesive quantity is about 20g/m² (actual adhesive quantity subjects to final confirmation of sample trial), working temperature of roller coating machine around 110℃. 

4. Curing rate depending on the thickness of adhesive coated, environment temperature, humidity of material and permeability of material. In general, can achieve 80% curing within 24 hours.

5. Laminating fabrics should have tension of the winding, keep flat and level. Finally wrap the entire roll of fabrics tightly and hang putting.  

Cleaning Maintenance
Security Measures

NEL-1018 is in compliance with the general chemical protection measures. Keep good ventilation in working environment, wear appropriate skin protection device and goggles in the process of using. If skin contacts with this product, wash the skin with water and soap. If eyes contact, irrigate copiously with plenty of clean and fresh water. In case of severe case, immediately seek for medical advice.

Storage Transport

Valid for 6 months to store in sealed container at 21℃. After using, keep the rest of adhesive in sealed storage and better to remove the air that contacts with adhesive.


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