PU adhesive for bra foam bonding TY-6638N
Product Use

TY-6638N is oil-based one-component PU adhesive. It is mainly used for laminating bra foam pad, mold cup etc, also applied to the bonding of textile fabric, PVC, ABS etc materials.

Physical and Chemical Property

Performance Features

Good adhesion and high bonding strength

Excellent resistance to chemical, aging and water

Good flexibility

Good resistance to low and high temperature

Good yellowing resistance


Technical Indexes

Appearance:              Colorless to pale yellow liquid

Solid Content:            16±1%

Viscosity:                   200-800mPa·s/25

Melting Temperature:  > 130

Adhesive Quantity:     About 30g/m²

Drying Time:             15-30s


1. This product is quick-drying hot melt adhesive, by heating to melt after the adhesive layer is dried(the recommended mold temperature is 180℃) then bonding. If the molding temperature is too high, finished product will be easy to debond. According to the thickness of foam, setup different molding temperature and molding time.
2. This product is suitable for spraying, roller coating. The appropriate caliber of spray gun is 1.3-2.0mm and the pressure should not be less than 4kg, depending on different demands.
3. If product viscosity is too large, the proper amount of ketone solvents or banana oil can be added for dilution.
4. When do the spraying, choose appropriate spraying distance according to requirement. The adhesive appears punctiform if the spray gun is close to the coated surface; if far away it appears filiform.

5. If the higher bonding strength or better heating resistance is required, 2%-5% isocyanate curing agent (60% content) can be added. But it may not restore after lamination and depending on the amount of curing agent dosage.

Cleaning Maintenance
Security Measures

TY-6638N is in compliance with the general chemical protection measures. Keep good ventilation in working environment, wear appropriate skin protection device and goggles in the process of using. If skin contacts with this product, wash the skin with water and soap. If eyes contact, irrigate copiously with plenty of clean and fresh water. In case of severe case, immediately seek for medical advice.

Storage Transport

This product should be transported in well-sealed packaging to avoid intense collision and sudden hot. Store in a well ventilated place and keep it away from fire. The appropriate storage temperature should be above 5℃ in winter, crystallization may occur if below 0℃. It can be used after being heated and stirred (suggest heating by hot water but firing is not allowed), doesnt effect the performance, valid for half a year.


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